Coaching with Teri

Individual Coaching

You can become three times the speaker you are right now! Teri’s “Steps to Success” coaching package is designed to help you to ACE your next speaking opportunity!

If you want to learn speaking skills that will help you to be;

  • Audience-centered, authentic, action-oriented
  • Congruent, connected, compelling
  • Engaging, energizing and exciting

then you have come to the right place!

Teri believes that great speakers aren’t born overnight but they are created one skill set or competency at a time.

Using the 12 World Class Speaking Competencies as a framework, Teri will work with you to determine where your current strengths are then work together to transform you from a timid speaker to a transformational communicator.

You will pick up purposeful practice techniques that will help you to;

  • Deliver flawless presentations each and every time you speak
  • Shorten your preparation time while building your confidence
  • Equip you with the skills you need to TRULY make a difference

There is a high demand for people who can provide significant content AND deliver it so that audiences will remember and act on the message that they are hearing. Some people can do one or the other, most do neither! A select few can do both and excel while doing so!

Why not become one of the select few?

“Teri is professional, prepared, motivated, motivating, dedicated and inspiring and her workshops reflect these qualities” (SM, Ottawa)

To talk to Teri about your coaching needs simply click on the free consultation button and set up your first coaching conversation! Together we will determine which coaching package suits you best.

1. One-on-one coaching sessions – 1 hour – in person, via teleconference or Skype    (6-12 sessions recommended depending on your immediate goals and needs)

2. Teleclasses for 3 or 6 weeks (1 hour a week via teleconference)

3. Peer Groups (one full day session every three months for one year with other interested participants in your community)

Team Transformation

“Steps to Success” Series: Time to Super Size your Speaking Skills!

Do you want to set yourself apart from your competitors? Improving your communication and public speaking skills is a sure-fire way to guarantee YOUR success!

Many think that the ability to speak well in public is a gift. It is not! It is a skill and one that you can learn to polish so that YOU can step above the crowd around you and truly make an impact.

The techniques that you will learn in Teri’s group, private or corporate in-house sessions will help YOU become a speaker who exudes confidence, charisma, poise, professionalism and eloquence. Teri’s Steps to Success” Series is designed to take you through a full package of 12 Key Core Speaking Competencies that will substantially change how YOU communicate whether you are speaking to one person or a room full of people.

Members of your Team will learn how to;

  • Keep your audience engaged from beginning to end
  • Conquer nerves and anxiety about speaking in public
  • Use Storytelling Techniques to drive your message home
  • Communicate effectively in any situation

Teri offers a combination of presentation and workshop options that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Choose from one of the options below:

1. Introductory Keynote Speech plus 6-week Teleclass Program and ½ day In-house Follow-up Workshop

2. In-house Workshop (full or half day sessions available)

3. Peer Groups (full day quarterly meetings for 1 year with other community professionals)

4. 3 or 6-week Teleclasses (60 minutes per week via telephone conference call)

5. Keynote Speech (60-90 minutes)

6. Personalized, individual coaching sessions

To set up your initial consultation to determine the best options for your team, simply click on the free consultation button and set up your first coaching conversation!